Short and Sweet Nov 7, 2018

Dear Dialog,

This entry is give you a brief update on how things have been going on the research front. 

  1. Finished Tycho (tee-koh) Crater mapping. There were a few issues on pools vs veneer but Catherine and I cleared those up so we are on the same page

  2. New setup. Moved from the Mac Mini (which I updated to Mojave and updated isis data/ software) to the Windows 10 computer with ArcGIS (QGIS, I did not give you up without a fight. I am sorry to say it's not me, it's you. We are just too incompatible and perhaps I am just not ready to solve your projection issues with you. Maybe we will cross paths in another life. I don't regret what we had.). Seeing as my thesis heavily includes mapping, I requested a second monitor to work on. Catherine was generous and let me repurpose one of the extras from the lab. And now my set up is complete and my environment is mostly to way I like it so I can move on from so much installation and troubleshooting.

  3. Mars Mars Mars! Finally moving on to the Red Planet. I initially tried processing the HiRISE images through isis but, turns out, HiRISE is the one instrument that does not need additional processing. So the native JP2 files, along with LBL files, are fine to use. Project selection was primarily based on Livio's 2012 database detailing well-preserved craters, henceforth refered to as Craterbase. Here are some of the projects I have been working on:

    1. Zumba Crater

    2. Corinto Crater

    3. Mojave Crater

    4. Domoni Crater

    5. Northeast Ascraeus Mons 

  4. HiWish. On Nov 6, 2018 the Mars Group with Livio had a planning meeting and I submitted my first suggestions! Now, we wait to see if they get accepted and imaged. Check them out here and here!