First Entry!

Dear Dialog (Diary + Blog),

This week has been more action-packed than most. I finished up the Planetary Short Course, visited with my parents, then traveled from Detroit, US to Toronto, CA to Reykjavíc, Iceland to Paris, France to now home here in London! Compound this with the hunt for a new apartment and I've hardly had time to take a breath. 


In these pictures, you can see some of Iceland's natural beauty. Wonderful outcrops of land being eroded by the sea, black sand beaches, oodles of lava flows, and an abundance of clouds and mist. Unlike most of Europe, where it's been uncharacteristically hot, Iceland is being lambasted with an unusually cold summer. Icelanders have shown a tenacity for resiliency. Every year they look forward to their summer season but since this year's summer weather fell way below expectations, they've shown a remarkable positive attitude for "perhaps next year will be better" and "we'll just keep on doing what we do".

The recent facilitation of tourism to Iceland has also brought numerous tourists. This has helped the recent economy a bit (the industry accounts for about 10% of their GDP) but for decades Iceland has struggled with their economy and inflation, in part due to their unique currency and small size, which has made them susceptible to volatility and in a addition to dissuading possible trading partners.  

In the above picture, I have located a very small (and free!) hot pool located to the Northwest of Reykjavíc. It was a welcome relief from the cold breezy morning that day! What can't be beat, is the unique geology that Iceland has to offer. An island that is famous for its geothermal energy sources and preserved nature. It is one of a kind and a bucket list item for many geologists. I am glad to say I was able to go and get a very brief taste of it. I hope to go back soon to fully enjoy everything about the island.